About VeeVaaMe

Weclome to VeeVaaMe Real Beauty Runs Deep.

: VeeVaaME is Egypt’s first and only Vitality Hub, providing a unique and exclusive studio of top-line beauty treatments and wellness programs for you – the confident, sexy woman who needs the occasional boost to feel happy, healthy and empowered. The VeeVaaME Vitality Hub houses a rotating roster of Residents comprised of professionally-trained beauticians and wellness instructors who work to help you discover what you need to look and feel your best for the perfect balance between mind, body and soul. At the VeeVaaME Vitality Hub, we are a community that encourages the expression of beauty through proactive workshops, therapy sessions,awareness programs and spa services to help you uncover beauty from within – because there’s more to being a woman than acrylic nails and clay masks.


What is Vitality Hub

A Vitality Hub is a community of hand-selected Residents comprised of beauty brands and names united for the sole purpose of enriching the lives of women through exclusive treatments and intimate sessions. We create an environment that fosters change and provides support from likeminded members and Residents alike.

How it Started

Born to oppose the emerging culture that defines bigger boobs, longer hair, smaller noses, and tighter tummies as the standard of measuring beauty, VeeVaa ME rose to provide an alternative choice for women everywhere, one that relies on inner beauty and strength. More than a salon, VeeVaa ME is a community where likeminded women can arm themselves with knowledge and confidence against the botox syringes and liposuction vacuums imposed by commercial beauty. With Residents experienced in working with women rather than against, VeeVaa ME ushers in a new age of empowerment, one that promotes beauty with merit and satisfaction from the soul.

Why VeeVaaME ?

Like a gem, the stone is refined only to reveal the nature and true beauty found within. At VeeVaa ME, we enlist Cairo’s top therapists as our Residents to polish that inner luster lost to the clouding consequences of life in the big city. We provide top-line services and treatments that help you unlock your potential and the potential to help those around you. Sparkle with vitality and shine from within to achieve beauty that lasts longer than a sun tan and holds stronger than hair spray.




To enrich your mind, VeeVaa ME invites only the most gifted authorities to stage workshops and activities that promote projected change within the community. These workshops and classes will open your mind and invite you to share knowledge and experience with those around you.


To beautify your body, VeeVaa ME provides only the most reputable beauticians, doctors, and health specialists in Cairo as Residents to keep you at the peak of physical condition. These top-line Residents work with you to help alleviate – rather than conceal – the strain and emotional stress of the hectic city life.


To calm your soul, VeeVaa ME brings the most trustworthy and reputable experts in Cairo to hold workshops and help you place things in perspective to better deal with all that life throws your way. We understand the difficulties that women go through this day and age and we provide a support system that would make Carrie Bradshaw envious.




Only Cairo’s elite and most premium names are accepted into VeeVaa ME Vitality Hub as Residents. Charged with the task of aiding you on your personal journey, our Residents will unlock inner beauty and transform it into an expression of who you are.

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Have your day with our hand-selected Residents and discover real beauty with our exclusive approach to beauty and wellness – you’ll be hooked from the get-go.

Become a Resident

At VeeVaa ME, our approach to beauty is largely attributed to our unwavering stance on honesty and dependability. To become a Resident of our growing community, your reputation for quality and your drive to better the lives of women are the two most important factors in securing your position as Resident in Egypt’s first Vitality Hub.



Phone: (+2) 010 14 40 2000 - (+2) 010 97 62 0074